Wednesday, 11 May 2016


I've been given 2 months to leave the house I inhabited for 8 years. Tough shit, I have so much stuff in here and I'd like to give it all a good place to go. I certainly won't ever have this much space or pay this cheap a rent so help me out by buying my crap and add on to my piggy bank/help me get rid of stuff. 
All prices are debatable and I'm totally down for haggling. Anything that isn't sold will be given to charity. 
The more I pack the more things I find. I will be adding on furniture. Crockery. The list is long.
If you see something you like, send me an email at, hit me up on facebook, tell me face to face, come to my house and browse... You know how it is. Let your friends know. Peace out, happy bidding !

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