Wednesday, 11 May 2016


If it wasn't for cassette tapes and the Walkman I would have never listened to Queen, Abba, and Boney M. Here are a few, some a bit beaten but you know they're the best technology ever made. They'll outlive us I reckon.

Roy Orbison - Mystery Girl
The B-52's - Cosmic Thing
George Michael - Listen without Prejudice vol.1
Tammy Wynette - The Best Of
Lionel Richie - Can't Slow Down
UB40 - Labour of Love
Genesis - We can't dance

50p each
£3 the lot


50p each
£2 the lot



ISN'T IT THE COOLEST DRESS EVER?? This was acquired from one of London's biggest and best fancy dress shops in Soho. It's a Chinese dress cut with an giant Elvis all over design. There's a stain that was on there when I got it - I definitely saw past it myself. There's glitter detail all over it, the back is black. Sadly I've eaten too many potatoes so my ass doesn't fit into it anymore but any of you babes up to size 10 could rock it I reckon. RIP King of Rock


Fashion accessories. I know it's more about pompoms now than tassels... Or is it? I'm not sure anymore. Here we have a real leather, yellow Karen Millen mega tassel for your keys, bags, whatevers.


You know in movies, the bad bitch wives always have one of these on a mirrored mini table, with exactly two glasses and an ice cube tray. They always offer a handsome dangerous man a drink and probably get to - you know - get down with them after, or cry about their asshole husbands.
This one isn't crystal it's glass and it's never been used. Fill up with any poison. 



Franki Valli is my homeboy and The four seasons are like Tony Soprano's favourite band. Nough said.
I was finding it hard pricing this and maybe it's a bit much - but to be fair if you know you know, this double vinyl is FULL of hits. Beggin'. Big girls don't cry. Workin' my way back to you. Stay. Can't take my eyes of you. I'm not gonna go on about this too much so basically if you don't buy this you're a mug.
PS : It doesn't skip



I got those in the H&M sale and instantly loved them - I was definitely knees deep into my Virgin Suicides period. These a size 40 but as you know high street stores make everything small so they're not too baggy. There's an elastic waste and silver zip at the back. They're baby pink and a healthy mix of sheer and opaque, they're lined with beads detailing. Wore them with a huge black sheepskin leather jacket once and felt like I had mastered the rock chick look, with a sensitive side, and a more CRAZY SIDE. D'you catch my drift?


I bought this on Asos when I was really drunk thinking it'd look really cute and don't get me wrong- it totally does but it's just not really me anymore ya know?
It's quite a big clutch with a really cool jewel clasp fastening thing, it has this random strip of blue lizard like skin leather which I really love, it's super spacious inside, the more I talk about it the more I like it. But it definitely was in the "Sell" bin so there's no turning back.


Clive Barker made 8 fucking Hellraiser movies. EIGHT. And they get progressively more and more fucked up, you get to meet new cenobites, and it's all about Pinhead making sure you gonna press dat button on the puzzlebox. If like me you're a fan of Hell, chains, villains, gore, and generally boxsets shaped like this well you're for a treat with that one. How cool is it though. I bought this for 40 quid at the time. Totally limited edition. Includes : Clive Barker's Hellraiser/ Hellbound : Hellraiser II/ Hellraiser III : Hell on earth/ Bonus Disc and Booklet.


Do you remember in 2008 when everyone bought their clothes from american apparel and wanted to become a photographer? SIGH. I used this once and never again and to be fair it took this really good picture of swans. Comes with its free hipster book of examples.



I made this A4 'print' by blowing up and photocopying a picture I found in a book at college. Framed it in a pound shop frame.  Never finished my course. Don't have a degree. This frame would look good on your mentalpiece.


I have two copies of this hence why I'm getting rid of one... It's too soon for it to be profitable though cause I have RESPECT for this shit ya know? So this one is on donation only. And by donation I mean that I want you to turn up to my house and sing the entirety of When Doves Cry wearing all purple. Then I'll give it to you.
In all seriousness, if you like it and you want it hit me up it's yours. Goodnight sweet Prince.


This is by far the cutest jumper I ever bought. It's so perfect for an ice cream movie date, such a babe knit. It's mohair wool which means it's softer than a cloud - ladies : you can totally wear it with nothing underneath. It looks really orange on the picture but really it is more like peach. I've modelled it for you to have an idea of the fit.


This is a genuine fake Lacoste cable knit cricket jumper. 100% Acrylic and made in Taiwan. It's a size L  but looks really good as an oversized piece. Pair it with denim jeans for an 80's mum look or a miniskirt if you're going for the schoolgirl thing, you know what I mean. So cool.



I've been given 2 months to leave the house I inhabited for 8 years. Tough shit, I have so much stuff in here and I'd like to give it all a good place to go. I certainly won't ever have this much space or pay this cheap a rent so help me out by buying my crap and add on to my piggy bank/help me get rid of stuff. 
All prices are debatable and I'm totally down for haggling. Anything that isn't sold will be given to charity. 
The more I pack the more things I find. I will be adding on furniture. Crockery. The list is long.
If you see something you like, send me an email at, hit me up on facebook, tell me face to face, come to my house and browse... You know how it is. Let your friends know. Peace out, happy bidding !